Mac Repair

Don’t pay the high prices of the Mall stores for Mac repairs.  At Digital Cowboy, we are happy to service Mac computers just as we service Windows computers.  Our technicians are able to troubleshoot hardware issues with Mac units.  We can reload Macs and save your data during the process to return it to you when we are finished with it.  We are able to replace keyboards, screens, and hard drives.  We can also upgrade your RAM on your Mac.  Give us a call, we are happy to provide an estimate on services for your Mac.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price
Dust cleaning (free blow out) – Our technicians are happy to provide a free dust blowout of your computer or laptop at our computer stores. FREE
Standard computer diagnostics – Standard Computer Diagnostics are Free at our Digital Cowboy Computer stores. Standard Free Diagnostics include testing Motherboard, Memory, and Hard Drive and providing a report on outcome of tests. FREE
Advanced Diagnostics – Advanced Diagnostics is required for troubleshooting items requiring disassembly, software issues, booting issues, or any other test not covered under Standard Free Diagnostics. $65
System Restore without Data Save – Return your computer to factory default condition with current updates, NO DATA SAVED. $65
System Restore with Data Save – Return your computer to factory default condition with current updates, data saved (Documents, Music, Desktop, Pictures). $85
Simple Installation – Install hardware in computer (memory, optical drive, fans, hard drive) or single piece of software or email setup. $25
Standard Benchwork – Install replacement screens and motherboards ($65.00 benchwork fee + cost of parts) $65

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