At Digital Cowboy IT Solutions, we recognize the IT issues facing your business. We know that your time, energy and budget should be focused on growing your business … not maintaining your computer systems and network.

Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate to an onsite IT staff. Even fewer have time to devote to keeping up to date on current technology trends which could help your business prosper. Digital Cowboy IT Solutions can help you. We can help you get the information you need to make critical IT business decisions with minimal downtime and maximum return on your investment.

Digital Cowboy IT Solutions stands apart from the competition:
– No contracts or SLAs are required.
– Time & Materials service is standard.
– Same day emergency service available.
– Next day service for most service calls.
– Convenient pickup, delivery, & drop-off options.
– We specialize in Small Business Customers.

– $80.00 / hour business service rate.

On-site Malware/Virus Removal$90 /hour
Off-site Malware/Virus Removal$90 /flat fee
On-site System Repairs$90 /hour
Hardware & Software Installations$90 /hour
Remote Support$90 /hour
Maintenance Services$90 /hour
Networking Services$90 /hour
Server Support$90 /hour
Cyber Security Services$90 /hour
Onsite Backup – 2,000GB ( 2 USB drives)$280 / one time fee
Offsite Backup – 500GB offsite$17 / month
Offsite Backup – 1,250GB offsite$42 / month
Computer Pickup Service$20 / one time fee
Computer Delivery Service$40 / one time fee
Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (Servers)$70 / month
Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (Workstations)$3 / month
Workstation Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware (Managed)$2 / month
Workstation Document Backup (Managed)$2 / month
Workstation Web Filtering (Managed)$2 / month
End Point Detection and Response (Managed)$8 / month