Data Recovery

No one chooses to lose data, it just happens at the least convenient time.  We have the capability to attempt restoration on a variety of data devices including hard drives, external usb hard drives, flash drives, and many types of camera memory cards.  If we are not able to recover your data, we will send your device with your permission to our data recovery partner, Gillware.  We have about a 75% success rate in recovering data for our clients in house.  The remaining clients sent to Gillware have a success rate of about 90%.   The fee that you pay to us covers our data recovery attempt and the shipping to our recovery partner if we are not successful in our recovery attempt.  You can count on us to help you get your data back.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Service Price Features
Data Recovery Service $85 Data recovery attempt on malfunctioning item.  If we are unable to recovery the data, we will get your permission to ship the unit to our data recovery partner, Gillware.  Data recovery fee includes labor for our attempt and shipping (if necessary) to data recovery partner.  Additional cost for USB flash drive or USB external hard drive to hold customer’s recovered data if customer does not supply storage device.
Gillware Data Recovery Service VARIES Gillware will examine your device free of charge and provide a quote on recovery.   Average data recovery costs $350 – $700 depending on situation.

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