Digtal Cowboy Computers is an authorized Metronet partner. We can assist you with setting up your service, filling out your contracts, and connecting the Metronet service to your existing network. If you already have IT support, we can work with them (if they need assistance) or we can handle the connections for them. For more information, contact Digital Cowboy Computers directly at 937-672-3403 and speak to John.

Metronet Business Symmetrical Internet Service:

20mbps x 20mbps = $59.9530mbps x 30mbps = $69.95
50mbps x 50mbps = $89.95100mbps x 100mbps = $99.95
150mbps x 150mbps = $129.95225mbps x 225mbps = $199.95
300mbps x 300mbps = $249.95500mbps x 500mbps = $349.95
1gbps x 1gbps = $449.954 additional IP address = $20
Business Fiber Symmetrical Internet Services w/ 36 month contract agreement
No SLA, includes 1 static IP, best case available service

Metronet Business Symmetrical ELITE Internet Service:

20mbps x 20mbps = $35050mbps x 50mbps = $650
100mbps x 100mbps = $900200mbps x 225mbps = $1,250
500mbps x 500mbps = $1,3501gbps x 1gbps = $1,650
4 additional IP address = $20
Business Fiber Elite Symmetrical Internet Service w/ 36 month contract agreement.
Fiber SLA included, includes 1 static IP

Metronet Business Class Voice Lines = $25.65 / line
– Call Rejection, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Three-Way Calling are all included in the service.
– 5,000 long distance minutes each month / line.

Metronet Business SIP Trunks = $14.95 / line
– Minimum purchase of 6 SIP lines
– Local calls free, Long Distance calls @ $0.025 / minute